Noteloop - cycling melodic sequencer in Max for Live!

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Changelog for version 1.1:

  • Added switchable trigger mode, allowing the user to select a specific MIDI pitch that will advance the sequence (with optional MIDI thru) or to allow every incoming note to advance the sequence (as in the original version)
  • Updated UI

Detach pitch from rhythm with Noteloop!

Noteloop is a Max for Live device that loops a sequence of up to 16 pitches, and only advances when it receives a MIDI note at the input. The pitches of the input notes are replaced with your sequenced notes, so no matter what pitch the trigger is, you get the next pitch in Noteloop's sequence instead. Noteloop allows you to create a melody with a number of pitches that's different from the number of note triggers, making it easy to create intricate, phasing sequnces and also features a variety of sequence reset triggers, so that you can constrain the pattern to a 4, 8 or 16 bar loop!

Hot tip: Noteloop works great as a melodic idea generator, but is just as useful on drum patterns too!

Open up new possibilities for complex, evolving sequences using simple tools!

Note: This device is offered on a pay-what-you-can basis - if you are able to, please consider paying above the £4 suggested price in order to fund a free community copy for those who are unable to afford the device otherwise!

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Downloadable .amxd file - ONLY WORKS WITH ABLETON LIVE SUITE

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Noteloop - cycling melodic sequencer in Max for Live!

6 ratings
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